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Letovo School
Education for gifted and motivated students aged 12 to 17 from all over Russia.

Letovo School is open to all talented students regardless of their financial situation.
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About Letovo School at Bloomberg
Vadim Moshkovich: "Education is the key driver in the modern world and I want Russia to be competitive. This is for soul and country."
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Our Team

Mikhail Mokrinskiy

Our main goal is to give motivated children access to the highest levels of academic knowledge, opportunities for all-round development and admission to top universities in Russia and abroad. I don’t like the idea of competing with neighbouring schools or the school’s ranking, district-wise. You should learn from your neighbours, what you should fight for is your own dream

Madlena Shaginyan

Head of Innovation & Development department
What makes the education at Letovo unique is the fact that we develop skills. You may well forget the date of the Mongol invasion, but you will most definitely learn how to work with historical and critical sources of information. And that is what we call ‘skills for life’, which are vital for every person living in the 21st century

Larisa Korabelshikova

Head of Admissions
The International Baccalaureate (IB) is one of the few international programmes whose diploma is accepted by most universities throughout the world. Its educational model is built on the principles of humanistic psychology and is aimed at the holistic development of personality. I am a big proponent of this approach and I see the need to popularize this programme

Dmitry Schnol

Head of Mathematics Department
Doing mathematics is the experience of deriving enjoyment from overcoming a challenge. What happens during solving a mathematics problem is an important existential experience

Irina Lyamsheva

Head of Foreign Languages department
The combination of two educational models – those of the Russian and International Baccalaureate – opens up great possibilities for developing students’ abilities and talents, enables their fulfilment, to find themselves and simply their happiness
Our team

Key advantages of Letovo School

Школа «Летово» Школа «Летово»
Unique study model
Each student chooses an individual educational trajectory to study disciplines at different paces, in different logical order, at various levels (from standard to advanced), independently or in class
Школа «Летово» Школа «Летово»
Entry into best higher education institutions in Russia and the world
Preparation for the Russian State Exam, IB and academic competitions will be the focus, the moment students step over the threshold to embark on their studies at Letovo
Школа «Летово» Школа «Летово»
Teams formed from the very best teachers worldwide
Every teacher at Letovo has their unique history of academic success and training winners of academic competitions
Школа «Летово» Школа «Летово» Школа «Летово»
Developing skills for life
Critical thinking, creativity, team work and communication are the skills that every student will acquire at Letovo
Школа «Летово» Школа «Летово»
Modern campus
The school has an integrated space for studies and daily life with all the necessary facilities for research, creative work and sports and leisure
Школа «Летово» Школа «Летово»
Subsidized tuition
The school has the largest scholarship fund in the Russian system of secondary education
Школа «Летово» Школа «Летово»
Rich full-time programme
Rigorous academic curriculum needs to be balanced out with rich and fun extra-curricular life. Many clubs, studios and societies help our students to receive all-round development and reach personal fulfillment
Школа «Летово» Школа «Летово» Школа «Летово»
The very best of Russian and foreign expertise
The school’s ethos is based on the traditions and expertise of the best schools in Russia with a profound study of Physics/Mathematics and the Humanities, key curriculum elements from Singapore, Great Britain, the USA and Australia

About our campus

Built on an area of 60 hectares, our campus is between the Salaryevo and Buninskaya Alleya metro stations. The campus includes the main school building, boarding houses, sports grounds, areas for recreation and extracurricular classes and accommodation for staff. The school building is the main hub where school life thrives.

From science labs to design studios, from rehearsal rooms and a library to a winter garden – the space aims to inspire interest in education and a willingness to learn. The boarding school is a comfortable and safe place where children feel at home. There are 10 houses for students on site. Up to 60 boys or girls of different ages live in each of house.

About our campus
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6 December 2019 LETOVO SCHOOL
About the project of our IB DP students
Letovo School - фото № 4 Letovo at the IBO Conference
6 November 2019 LETOVO SCHOOL
This year, the International Baccalaureate Global Conference in Abu Dhabi was attended by more than 1,500 educators from IB Programmes worldwide to share their experiences and discuss current thinking that enhances the IB Programme.
Letovo School - фото № 7 Teachers’ Day
5 October 2019 LETOVO SCHOOL
On October 4, the day before the official Teachers’ Day, Letovo students organized a lively and engaging performance for the teachers as a way to honor their profession.
Letovo School - фото № 8 The Boarding Committee
4 October 2019 LETOVO SCHOOL
On 4 October Letovo students held an election to form the Boarding Committee
Letovo School - фото № 9 "I want it all!"
7 September 2019 LETOVO School
On September 6, the school hosted the traditional fair of extracurricular programs.
Letovo School - фото № 11 Adaptation Days
29 August 2019 LETOVO School
Finally the school came back to life after the summer holidays - our students are arriving!
Letovo School - фото № 12 The IB Diploma Programme has arrived!
25 June 2019 LETOVO School
Having successfully passed the IB authorization process, Letovo School has received the right to teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP).
Letovo School - фото № 13 International Cooperation
22 May 2019 LETOVO School
Last week, representatives of admissions committees from famous American universities visited the school.