Our mission

Nature cares for everything. You find something to learn everywhere
Leonardo da Vinci
Italian Renaissance scientist, inventor, painter, sculptor and musician, da Vinci epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal
Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci

Our mission is to provide an enabling environment for bright and motivated students to achieve their intellectual and creative potential

We seek to create a school in which each child will want to grow, achieve high academic, creative and sports results, communicate, be friends and just live while retaining strong Russian educational and cultural traditions.

In Letovo we implement state of the art practices offered by top schools globally while retaining the best of established tradition. The best Russian and foreign teachers work on our educational programs.

We expect that the Letovo graduates will become leaders in the professional, scientific, cultural, and social activities of their choice. They will develop strong moral principles and become leaders with a deep sense of responsibility towards their nation and the world.

The most valuable contribution that the school can bring to society is to provide motivated people with the knowledge, character and skills to learn and develop quickly and effectively, individually and collaboratively. Ultimately, we dream that the Letovo graduates will change the world for the better.

We adhere to a need-blind admission policy, so that we provide equal opportunities for talented and gifted children regardless of their family income. To sustain this policy, the founder has established a large endowment, providing bursaries and scholarships upon demonstrated need.

The Letovo endowment is more than 100 million dollars, which makes it the biggest endowment across Russia and the CIS.