Победы на олимпиадах

Points of Pride

One of the focus areas at "Letovo" is the pedagogical, psychological and organizational support for children participating in various academic competitions.

Members of the teaching staff at “Letovo” are authors of popular courses, articles and books, and they are involved in academic competitions as organizers, task drafters, examiners and of course, tutors.

Our students have already been successful at winning competitions at all levels, including at international level.

SAT Results

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IB DP students showed high results at the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), an exam for admission to US universities. Scores of 16 students in 2019/20 academic year hit the top results in the entire history of the SAT.
In addition to our 76 students, 142 schoolchildren from 20 countries took the SAT exam at Letovo this year.

International achievements of Letovo students

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IJSO 2019 (International Junior Science Olympiad) — Gold Medal.
IEPhO 2019 (International Experimental Physics Olympiad) — 3 silver, 4 bronze medals.
X International Informatics Tournament — silver and gold.
40th International Mathematics Tournament of the Towns — 29 diplomas, 12 awards.
V Iranian Geometry Olympiad — III degree diploma.
IJSO 2020 (International Juniors Science Academic Olympiad) — gold and silver medals
IEPhO 2020 (International Experimental Physics Academic Olympiad) — one silver and 4 bronze medals
All-Russian Academic Olympiad of School Students — 32 prize-winners and 146 winners at the regional round.

Results at the Russian Olympiads and other academic competitions

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In 2018/2019 Letovo students won 18 awards in the finals of the All-Russian Olympiad of School Students which is one of the most significant academic competitions in the country. Based on these outstanding results, Letovo appeared in the top 15 Moscow schools whose students had excellent results.
In 2019/2020 Letovo had 32 prize-winners and 146 winners at the regional round. The final round of the All-Russian Olympiad was not held due to the epidemiological situation, and, according to the results of the regional round, Letovo was included in the top 3 schools in Moscow.

Our students also did extremely well at other Russian tournaments and competitions such as the Moscow Olympiad of School Students, the Vysshaya Proba Olympiad, mathematical regattas, economic festivals and other Olympiads (the Siberiade, the Kantorovich Olympiad), numerous hackathons, competitive programming Olympiads, astronomy tournament as well as the Lomonosov and Archimedes tournaments.

Academic Achievement

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In 2019/2020, it was shown clearly that Letovo doesn’t only provide its students with a high-quality education on par with the best international schools but also creates a unique educational environment bringing to life the original vision and mission of the school. This is evident by the results of diagnostic assessments, exams, academic Olympiads and other competitions.

Achievements in Sports

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In 2019/2020, Letovo students attended activities in 21 different sports, including team games, martial arts, tennis and table tennis, fitness disciplines, and swimming. They took part in 66 school sports events, 26 competitions at the city and municipal level throughout the year, and 9 online competitions.

Creative Achievements

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There are a variety of creative clubs at Letovo: the Tiny World Theater, the SAKE Rock Band (ex. K-Million), the Na Letu (On the Fly) newspaper, and the school choir.
In the second academic year 6 performances were staged, 8 concerts of classical and rock music, several jam sessions and an online “quarantine concert” that completed the music program of the year were held.
More than 130 students took individual music classes: piano and guitar, violin and flute, drums, and even saxophone.

International Exams

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In 2019, Letovo became a member of the College Board, an organization that develops standardized tests and curricula. Now, Letovo not only has the right to prepare students for SAT and AP international exams but can administer these exams as well.
In addition, Letovo also helps students prepare for TOEFL and IELTS English language exams.

Happiness Index

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93,5% is the index of the sense of well-being, safety, and comfort among the Letovo IB DP students according to the international method called PASS*.

In the questionnaire, one of the nine groups of questions is dedicated to Feelings about school. The average figure for all schools subjected to the PASS survey is 61%.

For the first time, the questionnaire survey took place at the end of the 2018/19 academic year, as the method suggests, without warning that the level of “school happiness” would be measured. Letovo students answered a number of questions including how they felt at school and what feelings they had toward it in general, how they evaluated their own study results, how satisfied they were with the organisation of the learning process and with relationships with other students and teachers. The result was 91.1%. In 2019/2020 Letovo conducted this survey again.