Principal’s welcome

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Our school’s vision is to give motivated children the best education as well as providing them with opportunities to develop their personality and enter the best universities in Russia and across the world. Our team, strategy and united school culture were formed on the basis of our common understanding of this vision.

I don’t like it when they say one has to compete with one’s neighbours in a district or in a rating. Good neighbours are worth learning from and it is prospective to compete with the best world schools as well as with your own dream.

Letovo School gives each teacher the chance to reconsider the pedagogical tradition. We learn and integrate into our programme the best of what theory and practice in international and Russian education has to offer.

Our teachers and students use the modern technology of management, education, communication and support. Our teachers, tutors and experts help children to deal with growing-up, to discover and develop their own individuality and giftedness, to work, to dream, to live a life full of amazement and happiness, to make plans and lay the foundation of future success.

Mikhail Mokrinskiy
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