Fund purpose

The aim of the fund is to guarantee sustainable development of Letovo School in accordance with its mission «to provide an enabling environment for all bright and motivated students from all over the country to receive a world-class education and achieve their intellectual and creative potential».

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the founder of the fund

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who supported Letovo and took part in development of the school based on the principle of meritocracy. Education is a basic value and the main means of upward mobility in the modern world. The role of caring adults is to provide educational opportunities to those in need.

What does the fund provide?

Thanks to all the donations, 81% of Letovo students’ families received scholarships to cover the cost of tuition in the 2020/21 academic year. To ensure that the family’s finances can never hinder a child from being admitted to Letovo, the school needs regular benefactors’ support.
By supporting the Letovo Fund, you are making a long-term investment in this country’s future and providing for the next generation’s education.

The Letovo Fund

To open the school, the founder himself entirely funded the project. Later, during the beginning of the first academic year 2018/2019, the school fund then became open for public investment. The fund is made up of two parts: the endowment and the charity funds. Donations to the charity fund are normally spent within a year. In the case of the endowment fund, it is quite the opposite: money is not spent but set aside forming the capital. The capital is then invested, with the revenue being directed back to the financing of the school keeping the capital intact. Thus, the endowment is like perpetual motion continuously providing for the school, ensuring funding of scholarships in accordance with the need-blind admission policy. The goals of the Letovo Fund are to attract regular benefactors to contribute towards the endowment fund ensuring long-term development as well as to alleviate current issues through contributions to the charity fund and, ultimately, to unite people and companies sharing similar values around the school.
Endowment Fund
Endowment Fund
Long-term financing of authorized activities and scholarships for students
Charity Fund
Charity Fund
Comprehensive support for students and academic departments throughout the year

4 Reasons to Support LETOVO School

The School Scholarship Fund - фото № 1
Give an outstanding start in life to gifted and talented children
Admission to Letovo is based solely upon the abilities and motivation of children regardless of home and family income. Donations to the Letovo Fund help ensure equal educational opportunities for all children from all over the country.
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Help develop education in Russia
The educational model of the school is based on the best traditions and time-proven experience of Russia’s best specialized schools (physics, mathematics, humanities), as well as hand-picked elements of the curricula of other countries, such as the U.K., the U.S., Singapore, and Australia. The school is aspiring to become a place where the best Russian and international pedagogical practices and methods will be developed. By supporting Letovo, you are investing in Russian education.
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Change the world for the better
Letovo provides a powerful long-term driving force for the development of society through the fulfillment of the intellectual and creative potential of gifted and talented children. By becoming actively engaged in school life, you’re shaping the future.
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See the result
The aim of the fund is made transparent, the only recipient of donations is Letovo School. At any time, each patron will be made aware of where donations have been allocated, not only from official annual reports, but also from school media releases and student feedback. We are always happy for our patrons and partners to visit the school and see first-hand the results of their donations.

Board of Trustees

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A member of the Board of Trustees, Letovo School Endowment Fund
«The future of our society is in the children’s hands, and it’s within our power to give them opportunities to develop their talents. In 2018, Letovo became a dream come true for its first cohort. Letovo students come from all walks of life, but at school they are equal, because they are united together by their interest and thirst for knowledge. When I see those children’s enthusiasm, I understand that we are moving in the right direction, because the school is not only about education, it is about happiness and friendship, life values and life path.»
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A member of the Board of Trustees, Letovo School Endowment Fund
«The prosperity and social development of our country depends entirely on how educated, developed and responsible our children become. The educational system in Russia works great with gifted and talented children specializing in one particular field, but it is clearly not the best when it comes to an individual approach and multifaceted development of children. Vadim Moshkovich has made an incredible attempt to build from scratch a system of education and upbringing that combines all the best in the world of education. I considered it an honor to make my relatively small financial contribution to the school endowment fund and I will do my best to help the school’s development.»
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A member of the Board of Trustees, Letovo School Endowment Fund
«I do a lot of charity work, mainly in Russia, and I consider Letovo an important and significant project for education and the country as a whole. During the first year after the launch, Letovo gained a reputation and now has the chance to become the best school in Russia. The project is unique in every sense: from technology and architecture to the most important idea to give capable and motivated children equal access to world-class education. Many gifted and talented students, whose families do not have the means to pay for their tuition, are able to study at Letovo. All of them receive support and the opportunity to reach their potential, to become a well-rounded person and to move further ahead.»
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A member of the Board of Directors, AO RusAgroTrans
«Having made a contribution to the Letovo endowment, our company has actually invested in the future marketability of our children. It is not necessary to be extraordinary genius or a child of wealth to enter Letovo, but it is important for the child to desire and crave for this. When you are walking across the school where excellent teachers from Russia, Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S. work on the same team, you understand that being a teacher here is professionally rewarding. I am glad that teaching is becoming more important than it was twenty years ago. I am a history teacher by education, and I worked for a year and a half at a school but was unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I went into business. If I had worked in a school like Letovo at that time, maybe I would have remained in the profession, who knows.»
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Director General, AO Shchelkovo Agrokhim
«I think that schools should be the first to get help: they educate our future citizens, members of our society. And Letovo School astonishes by being at such an advanced level in comparison with the schools I’ve seen and certainly when compared with the schools my generation went to. This place may bring about a new kind of people. Letovo has created a special environment able to shape true personalities in the fullest sense of the world. School is not mere walls, floors and ceiling, it is its teaching staff and educational level. Letovo has gone further: the campus provides all conditions for students to spend their time in an interesting and beneficial way, to engage in their favorite activities, hobbies, sports etc. I’m certain that this school will graduate super talented and super prepared children.»


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Owner, AEON Corporation
«Letovo helps make the Russian school system better so that Russian children don’t have to go abroad to get a world-class education. Russia is full of talented people and it’s our job to make them want to stay here. This way we will be able to ensure our country’s success in the 21st century.»
The School Scholarship Fund - фото № 12
Supervisory Board Chairman, the Yelena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation
«I believe that Letovo will bring these children together and become a real chance for upward mobility creating life-changing opportunities and removing obstacles. Our cooperation with Letovo School is also aimed at supporting children who come from remote cities, towns and villages throughout Russia. For me, Letovo is not just a beautiful building in a beautiful place but so much more. When I walked into the library at about 6 pm, students were still studying there. Their enthusiasm, thirst for knowledge, and perseverance made a great impression on me. It was this enthusiasm that persuaded our foundation to support the school.»
The School Scholarship Fund - фото № 13
Country Managing Partner, PwC Russia
«Undeniably, supporting such projects as Letovo School is of the utmost importance for us. There is a growing need for qualified specialists, soon both businesses and the state will face the challenge of labor market limitations. PwC supports human capital development initiatives. Letovo School is one of the innovators in education and training, including in those areas which will be significant in the context of technological revolution. We entered into an agreement to audit annual financial statements according to Russian accounting standards gratuitously and we hope that our support will help strengthen public confidence in the Letovo fund.»
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CEO, Hoff
Taking part in Letovo’s fund management and school life is a chance to go beyond my traditional scope of activities and bring positive changes to others’ lives. Hoff donated Nike sports uniform and we were amazed by the feedback: kids and their parents were so grateful! This feedback is truly worth it and gives you a lot of energy in return!»
The School Scholarship Fund - фото № 15
Chairman of MCA Yakovlev & Partners
«In the 2000s, having built a plant in the Mari El Republic, we faced a catastrophic shortage of workers and the kind of hopelessness you feel when you see schoolchildren who sniff glue and have lost all interest in anything else. From this experience, I came upon a decision to set up a 3D studio and a computer class in the village school. None of my projects thus far had been so rewarding! To give to children is akin to meditation for me. Therefore, I wholeheartedly and consistently donate to the Letovo fund. Letovo is such an impressive, fantastic school, I enjoy visiting it, willing and ready to help.»
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President, IMA Press Advertising Holding
«I regret that my children are now all grown-up. Letovo is such a wonderful school! My children graduated from British universities, I prefer boarding schools in general. One of my sons underwent a complete transformation while in British boarding! He had been rather lackadaisical, and we felt such hopelessness that in desperation we sent him to a British school. There he became seriously interested in academic studies and passionate about sports, he became kind, smart and confident, which we credit to boarding. It’s good that Letovo has adopted the British boarding school model. That means discipline and an opportunity to become a more independent and free-spirited personality.»
The School Scholarship Fund - фото № 17
Vice President, GazPromBank
«Our company shares the basic principles founded in the concept and strategic plan of Letovo School. We are glad that our contribution to the Letovo endowment makes education even more readily available. When visiting the school, I looked at it from the perspective of my own experience, as my previous position was First Deputy Minister of Science and Education of the Russian Federation. It is very important that the school focuses on the development of soft skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, flexibility and deciphering massive amount of information.»
The School Scholarship Fund - фото № 18
President, Rostelecom
«One of the main areas of our company’s social policy is to support education and IT skills. It is very important for us, as well as for Letovo School, to make a high-quality education accessible for any student. Thanks to the scholarship system, children from different regions of Russia, not only from Moscow, are able to study at the school. We wholeheartedly share Letovo’s vision of equal opportunities for children based only on merits. We expect that together with the school we will be able to raise truly highly qualified experts who will make a significant contribution to the development of Russian information and communication technologies in the future.»
The School Scholarship Fund - фото № 19
General Director, AlfaStrakhovanie Insurance Group
«Vadim Moshkovich and I went to school together. I know that he began the Letovo project with a detailed research of practices implemented in our school no.57, where we were all «infected» with meritocracy. Awesomeness is about studying well, not about your dad being a minister. Of course, the time has changed and the aim here is to make a unique, innovative school. We decided to support Letovo after I visited the school myself. I arrived on Friday, late in the evening, and saw a large number of students who were discussing projects and planning experiments. They were clearly doing so not because they were forced or obliged to, but because they found it fascinating and were naturally curious.»
The School Scholarship Fund - фото № 20
Deputy Chairman of the Board, CB LOCKO-Bank (AO)
«It’s great that such an educational project arose enabling young talents to become the new Mikhailo Lomonosov. In Locko-Bank private banking, our clients and us often discuss various aspects of money management, including the future of the children. It’s given that one of the most important investments you can make is an investment in children’s education. Giving to Letovo is an investment in the development of talented children within our own country. Most of our clients have investment experience, but they often feel the need for something more. For us and our clients, Letovo School gives the opportunity to fulfil this need for regular charitable donations.»

Letovo Fund Annual Report

Letovo Fund Annual Report 2020/21 (Download)
Letovo Fund Annual Report 2019/20 (Download)
Letovo Fund Annual Report 2018/19 (Download)
Auditor: AO PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit
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How to Support the Project

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