think-cell software

think-cell is a powerful charting and layout software that automates Excel and PowerPoint work, improving slide creation efficiency and quality. This software is now available for free to Letovo school students and academic team.


With think-cell you can easily create more than 40 chart types, dozens of data-driven visual enhancements and other unique features like Gantt and Mekko, scatter and bubble charts. think-cell also comes with a sizeable set of additional tools to increase your productivity. With this outstanding software you get well-laid-out and great-looking slides within minutes.

With think-cell you will always get excellent results:

  • the graphics knowledge of the top consultants at your fingertips
  • no tweaking, everything just looks right
  • customazible through PowerPoint templates and all functions are available right there
  • no need to learn lots of dialogs, toolbars or property panes

For detailed information on think-cell and its features please visit