School Profile 2020 – 2021


Letovo School is a non-profit co-educational independent boarding school for grade 7 — 11. Founded in 2018, Letovo offers a world-class, bilingual education to exceptionally gifted and motivated students from across Russia. Having adopted a need-blind admission policy, Letovo seeks to establish an all-inclusive community, educating a new generation of socially conscious, internationally-minded Russian and world citizens.


594 students from different regions of Russia

51% Moscow

26% European Russia

10% The Urals

8% Southern Russia and the Caucasus

5% Siberia and the Far East

Through a highly competitive admissions process that selects students upon demonstrated aptitude and passion for studies in various academic fields, Letovo evaluates each applicant’s strengths based on their admission test scores, academic achievement, personal essays, and interviews. The need-blind admission process, adopted at Letovo, allows to admit motivated students with exceptional talents and abilities, from all over the country and beyond, regardless of their diverse social backgrounds. With 29 students per place, Letovo’s admitted students are those with the most ambitious pursuits and dreams that are determined to expand their level of knowledge and grow personally in a rigorous and engaging learning environment at Letovo School. Each year, approximately 170 students are offered admission to the incoming 7th, 8th and 9th grades. The Class of 2022 admissions cycle offered enrolment to 59 students of 1400 applicants.

Notable achievements


gold and silver
at International Junior Science Olympiad
bronze and silver
at International Experimental Physics Olympiad
32significant results
prize winners
at All Russian Schools Olympiad


SAT Scores in global context

Top 4%

Total score Median 1450

Top 1%

Math score Median 790

Top 9%

Verbal score Median 680

SAT subject scores in global context

Top 24%

Mathematics L II Median 800

Top 22%

Physics Median 780

Top 11%

Chemistry Median 800


The demanding college preparatory programme allows students to combine the Russian Federation curriculum, IB Diploma Programme, SAT and AP; thereby providing students with the choice and flexibility to pursue a pathway that best suits their needs.
Letovo encourages students to go beyond their academic syllabus and fosters their involvement in a variety of enrichment and extension of learning engagements. All students are further required to participate in sports and service programmes as a part of the school extracurricular diploma.
Yiddish French literature
French AP Chinese Language and Culture
German AP French Language and Culture
Spanish AP Spanish Language and Culture
Chinese SAT Subject German
English A Academic reading and writing
Russian A AP English Literature
Russian Literature AP English Language
Russian Language SAT Subject English A
Algebra Olympiad Mathematics
Geometry SAT Mathematics 1
Analysis and Approaches SAT Mathematics II
PRE-IB Mathematics AP Calculus AB
Discrete Mathematics AP Statistics
Visual Arts Letovo orchestra
Theatre Stain glass painting
Ceramics Photography
Music Animation
Film Dance (classical/contemporary)
Design Sculpture
Biology Neurobiology
Chemistry Basics of bioinformatics
Physics Basic of cosmonautics
Astronomy AP Biology
Experimental Biology AP Chemistry
Human Biology: Anatomy, Physiology, Histology AP Physics
Ecology and sustainable development SAI Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Quantum Physics PRE-IB Scientific reading
History Introduction to Psychology
Global Politics How antient Greeks created European culture
Geography History of Post-Soviet reality: 1918-2014
Business Management Complex history questions of the 20th century
Economics Introduction to Journalism
Philosophy Financial navigation in a digital world
Geography of civilizations Introduction to Economics
History of religion SAT History
Introduction to Archaeology AP Art History
Financial Literacy AP Government and Politics
Financial Markets AP World History
Olympiad History AP Human Geo.and Urban studies
Computer Science Basis of software engineering
Robotics Web-design
Python programming Computer modelling of physical processes
Java programming AP Computer Science
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 3 Service Day
2 April 2021 LETOVO SCHOOL
On March 30, Letovo’s tenth-graders had a Service Day – this is the name for the days when the students’ volunteer projects are discussed.
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 4 Our Maslenitsa
18 March 2021 LETOVO SCHOOL
The holiday that concluded the third term at Letovo
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 6 The In One Word Forum
3 March 2021 LETOVO SCHOOL
On February 27, Letovo held its first social studies and humanities forum.
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 7 Ski Masterclass
18 February 2021 LETOVO SCHOOL
On February 16, the famous skier Natalya Korostelyova gave a ski masterclass at Letovo.
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 8 Ski Race
8 February 2021 LETOVO SCHOOL
The first ski race in the history of Letovo took place on February 5.
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 10 Social Initiatives Fair
28 January 2021 LETOVO SCHOOL
January 22, Letovo hosted our first schoolwide social initiatives fair.
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 11 Letovo Cheerleaders rule!
25 January 2021 LETOVO SCHOOL
Letovo’s team has won in RUSSIAN CHEER OPEN 2020 online in the Cheer Dance Show category.
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 12 Winter Holiday Program-2021
14 January 2021 LETOVO SCHOOL
The Letovo life did not stop even for the winter holidays – our Winter Holiday Program went online!
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 13 IEPhO-2020 Victories
28 December 2020 LETOVO SCHOOL
Our students do exceptionally well at the International Experimental Physics Olympiad for Grades 8-11 (IEPhO-2020)!
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 15 EdCrunch Conference
16 December 2020 LETOVO SCHOOL
Speakers from Letovo participated in the EdCrunch Educational Conference held on December 8-10, 2020.
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 16 Christmas Food Court
14 December 2020 LETOVO SCHOOL
On the eve of the coming New Year and Christmas our teachers and students arranged a gastronomic feast!
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 17 Giving Tuesday
1 December 2020 LETOVO SCHOOL
Today, on the first Tuesday of December, we celebrate Giving Tuesday: The Global Generosity Day
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 18 SAT at Letovo School
28 November 2020 LETOVO SCHOOL
Letovo school will be hosting SAT examination on 5th of December.
About us - School Profile 2020 – 2021 - фото № 20 Food Waste Days
19 November 2020 LETOVO SCHOOL
A new tradition formed by Sustainability focus group of Letovo Boarding helps bring attention to Food waste problem.