Sustainable Development in Letovo

The purpose of the program

Aiming to maintain the school’s success for the future generations to enjoy an even better Letovo experience.

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What is Sustainable Development

From United Nations website

The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere.

Why does the school need a SDG strategy?

SDG program creates multiple opportunities for action in community service and for students’ research in various areas
Letovo is oriented towards the best practices of worldwide education — MIT, Harvard, University of Edinburgh and other top schools have diverse and successfully implemented strategies for sustainability
Letovo will fully realize the potential it has to educate globally conscious students

The 7 goals picked for Letovo School

The most relevant and attainable yet challenging goals

Key Projects

Waste separation
Since 2019, our school has been effectively separating waste into three categories — paper, plastics, glass and aluminum, and other. The culture of responsible consumption has already become widespread among students and staff.
Food waste
Together with boarding, we organized food waste days to raise awareness of the amounts of food thrown away daily in the canteen — the numbers reaching 25 kg per meal. In the future, this project will result in potential reorganization of the way canteen works.
Lowering paper waste
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Innovative project with Fablab
Starting from 2021, we will use the collected waste to create exciting new products with the equipment of our FabLab.
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ElectroVesna-2021 in Letovo
26 April 2021
Collecting Electronics Waste as part of ‘ElectroVesna-2021’
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Food Waste Days
19 November 2020
A new tradition formed by Sustainability focus group of Letovo Boarding helps bring attention to Food waste problem.
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Sustainable Development Goals and Our School
17 November 2020
A Letovo student prepared a project on the UN Sustainable Development Goals