About Admissions

Description of the admission process

For the academic year of 2020/2021 the process of admissions to Letovo School consists of six different stages. These stages have been developed in such way that every applicant will have the opportunity to be evaluated on his/her own individual strengths and weaknesses, have access to practice exams, and have an opportunity to expand their level of knowledge in difficult subject matter.

1. Submitting the application form

To begin the application process, it is required to first complete an application form.

2. Diagnostic tests and practice on Letovo.Online

The second stage of the application process will occur online. The applicant will have access to various practice diagnostic tests and simulations in a range of subjects on letovo.online. After practicing there is a final test.

3. Verification test (with online proctoring)

During the third stage, the applicants will then undergo the first online exam test that will be monitored.

4. Written examinations on campus/online

In the fourth stage of the admission process the applicant will be expected to take exams in person on the school premises. If the applicant does not live in Moscow they will be given an alternative online exam with proctor.

5. Interview

The fifth stage of the application process involves interviews with a subject Teacher, an English Teacher, and a Boarding representative. In addition to the interviews, the applicant will be expected to participate in group games. Their parents will also be invited to the school for an interview to speak with representatives of the school’s administration.

6. Acceptance

Upon completion of the interview the Admissions Committee will make a conclusive decision regarding acceptance. During this stage all the information gathered on the applicant will be reviewed and taken into consideration.

After all, six stages have been completed a definitive decision will be made regarding acceptance.

All applicants recommended for admission by the Admissions Committee will have equal opportunities to study at Letovo, regardless of their family’s financial situation. If the situation should arise and parents cannot fully cover the cost of their child’s tuition, the family will be aided by the school with help from the School Scholarship Fund.