Admissions Statistics

For three years, Letovo has been admitting students as a result of a multistage, complex selection, numerous interviews, and the Admissions Committee’s careful work. In the 2018/19 academic year, we admitted 242 students, and in 2019/20 — 445 students. This year 594 people are studying at Letovo. They are girls and boys from various cities and families. Having different hobbies, dreams, and goals, they are united by their shared interest in gaining new knowledge and skills and their drive to participate in the action-packed, challenging, but very exciting studies at Letovo.

Letovo Students

Full Boarding is chosen by families from regions far from Moscow.
Day Boarding is common among those who live in areas close to the school.
Weekly Boarding suits students living in close vicinity to Moscow and in districts bordering Moscow Oblast. This option is also suitable for Moscow students spending a lot of time to reach Letovo.


Six specializations

Instruction at Letovo builds on six specializations. Students make their preliminary choice in the 7th and 8th grades and the final pick in the 9th grade. The IB DP programme instruction begins in the 10th grade.

The diagram below shows the distribution of students by specializations.

Where Our Students Come From