Enrollment in Numbers

Students are admitted to Letovo School after a multi-stage, complex selection process, numerous interviews and intensive work. In the academic year of 2018/19, there were 242 students studying at the school; in the academic year of 2019/20 the number of students almost doubled increasing to 445 . The students came from all walks of life, different cities, different family backgrounds, they have different interests, dreams and pursuits, but all with one common goal. The students are all equally interested in acquiring new knowledge and skills and motivated to learn in a rigorous and engaging program at Letovo School.

Students of «Letovo»

445 students
Girls 250 – 56%
Boys 195 – 44%
Day Student 54 – 12%
Weekly boarder 229 – 52%
Full boarder 162 – 36%

Scholarships and tuition fees

Depending on the family’s situation, up to 100% of tuition may be covered by the Scholarship Fund.