The School Scholarship Fund (Letovo Fund)

Fund purpose

Letovo is committed to the school’s mission to ensure equal educational opportunities for all gifted and talented students, regardless of family income.

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Founder of Letovo School

Under no circumstances should family income become an obstacle for admission of a talented child. If the family’s ability to pay equals zero, the school will award a grant. If none of the students can pay a single rouble, their tuition will be fully covered by the Fund. This is the principle I had in mind when establishing the Fund

Why does the school need a fund?

In accordance with the school mission, the first and largest scholarship fund in Russia has been established at Letovo for talented students amounting to a total of $120 million.

Decisions regarding admissions are based solely on the child’s potential and not the parents’ financial situation.

Financial matters should not be an obstacle to studying and learning at Letovo. Letovo guarantees education and equal opportunities for all gifted students who can successfully pass the exams and are admitted to the school.

Charitable assistance to the Letovo school foundation is a contribution to the present and future.

Fund of the «Letovo» School

The school invites sponsors who wish to make their contribution to the development of a unique educational project to participate. Contributions from benefactors has already reached $20 million, and there are plans to increase the endowment to $400 million, which will provide full scholarships for a maximum number of children in the future.