#Second First in Letovo!

1 September 2019
Last September 1, 242 students came to school, this year there are already 447 of them. It is impossible to get familiar with each of them in the format of a common celebration. That’s why, we decided to tell first about where the Letovo students came from. During the three adaptation days, the students made the coats of arms of their hometowns - not official emblems, but informal ones. It turned out bright, fun and unusual. With the coats of arms, the Letovites came out to the school stadium - and the photos from the holiday will tell you best about what happened next. Letovo brought together students from almost all regions of Russia, teachers and boarding staff from almost all continents of the world. And we are sure that for all of them the school will not be just a place of study or work. “Welcome home!” - this is how the founder of Letovo, Vadim Nikolaevich Moshkovich, greeted the students. He wished everyone that the school reigned that spirit that reigns in a happy home: the friendly spirit of respect, help, mutual support.
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Letovo at the IBO Conference
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Letovo at the IBO Conference | Школа \
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17 October 2019
Letovo at the IBO Conference | Школа \
Barclays visits Letovo
7 October 2019
Letovo School was visited by Barclays Bank
Letovo at the IBO Conference | Школа \
Teachers’ Day
5 October 2019
On October 4, the day before the official Teachers’ Day, Letovo students organized a lively and engaging performance for the teachers as a way to honor their profession.