Adaptation Days

29 August 2019
Finally the school came back to life after the summer holidays - our students are arriving! August 29, 30 and 31 are adaptation days for them: acquaintance with the school, with boarding, teachers and tutors, preparations for September 1st, and a lot of other activities. Although, the first children appeared at school a day before. They are the ambassadors of our boarding, i.e. those children who actively participated in the boarding life last year, and this year, together with the staff, they will be helping new students to get comfortable at the school and adapt to its rules and lifestyle. We are sure that such involvement in the school and boarding life enables our students to improve their communication and leadership skills. On the day of arrival, the children met and talked with the school principal Mr. Mokrinskiy, the head of the boarding Mrs. Riley, the housemasters. And it was not an official event, but rather a joyful meeting of friends!
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Letovo at the IBO Conference | Школа \
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Letovo at the IBO Conference | Школа \
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Letovo at the IBO Conference | Школа \
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