Advanced Placement Examinations

12 August 2020
Advanced Placement (AP) courses are higher-level courses offered in American high schools. Students study subjects of their choice at the college level and, having successfully passed the exams, receive credits that can be granted by the US leading universities during the admissions campaign. This year, AP Exams were taken by dozens of thousands of students from all over the world, but only by 16 students in Russia. 15 of them were Letovo students. Their results are beyond all praise: the Letovo students’ average result (4.5 in IT and 5.0 in Physics) is significantly higher than the average result achieved worldwide (3.26 and 3.88 correspondingly). Six of the Letovo students received “fives” (“extremely well qualified”) in IT and three – “fourths” (“very well qualified”). As far as Physics is concerned, all the seven Letovo students who sat the exam in it got “fives”. Our heartfelt congratulations to the students and their teachers!
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