An Amazing Extra-Curricular Programme

8 April 2020
When it became clear that our students would not return to school soon, many of them immediately started asking questions: “What about extra-curricular activities?” After all, Letovo is not just about conventional lessons, it is also the gateway to a world that extends far beyond the classroom. What will happen to our numerous groups, events, and clubs? How will we keep on rehearsing for plays and musical performances? And Letovo Wednesdays and other meetings — do we really have to say goodbye to them until the next school year? Student Development is responsible for all extra-curricular activities at Letovo, and its staff immediately decided: as long as regular studies continue, so will everything else that makes up school life. Achieving this has been possible all thanks to remote-work tools and, of course, the desire to communicate, invent, and work together. Most study groups, courses and individual lessons will go on in the form of webinars and projects. Last but not least... — There is a separate “antivirus” account on Instagram It contains all events, live broadcasts, news, tips, jokes, and challenges. — Together with biology teacher Anton Zakharov and biology and chemistry students, a Zoom conference was held dedicated to what is known about coronavirus at present. — Letovo themed weeks continue: last week was dedicated to world languages and cultures, while this week is a science week. — Letovo Wednesdays and our traditional weekly assemblies have also gone online.
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