Barclays visits Letovo

7 October 2019
Letovo School was visited by Henk Potts (Director of Global Research & Investments, Barclays Bank PLC), Ilya Zimpfer (Senior Investment Advisor, Barclays Monaco), James Penny (Head of UK International & Ireland Private Bank, Barclays Bank PLC), Togrul Qahramanzada (Head of Russia and Eastern Europe Switzerland, Barclays Private Bank, Switzerland), Elena Yost (Market Intelligence Officer Russia / CIS, Barclays Private Bank, Switzerland).
The Letovo students were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet and discuss with team from Barclays. The main topic of the meeting was the core functions of a bank, protection of money, instant cash flow, borrowing and augmentation of clients’ funds through investment. In addition, the bankers shared what type of people are best suited for the banking industry: for example, the job of an investment advisor requires not only comprehensive knowledge of mathematics, but also excellent communicative skills, a creative approach and a broad outlook. James Penny emphasized how important it is for a specialist to have a holistic education and to be a well-rounded person, advising the students to pay particular attention to their personal plan.
Later, during the Q&A session, the visitors and the students discussed various aspects of Brexit, the potential of the Russian economy for the next 5-10 years as well as markets and countries which are the most attractive in terms of investment. The visiting team noted that Letovo students asked truly thoughtful questions and demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the topics touched upon during the discussion. We hope that in the future there will be more such productive meetings between Barclays and Letovo!
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