Christmas Food Court

14 December 2020
Anyone who has been to Letovo School will agree that Letovo canteen serves delicious food – freshly cooked, healthy, and well-balanced meals. However, these festive days are the time to add a little diversity to the habitual diet and treat yourself with the dainties you usually do not even dream of. It is especially important for those of our students who are staying away from home. That is why last Saturday, December 12, a real festive Christmas food court was organized at Letovo School. It was Madlena Shaginyan who originally came up with an idea to cook and then enjoy dishes from all around the world with students. Teachers and staff members instantly supported the idea. When the day came, in the food court, you could enjoy khachapuri by Madlena Shaginyan, spring rolls by Vladimir Gurovits, manti by Yana Mamonova, strudel by Maria Kalugina – and plenty other delicious dishes cooked with love and passion and later quickly eaten with appetite and relish! We thank everyone who helped organize the food court, especially the school canteen team headed by Aleksei Timakov. No doubt, such culinary get-togethers will become one of Letovo’s good traditions.
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