Curiosity Summer School

25 June 2021

Curiosity Summer School

From June 10th, a two-week multidisciplinary summer school "Curiosity" was held in Lower Arkhyz, which was organized by the Letovo Department of Natural Sciences and the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SAO RAS). The school was named in honor of the Curiosity rover, which has been continuously exploring Mars for almost 9 years.

SAO RAS hosts the largest in Russia and Eurasia 6-meter optical telescope BTA and one of the largest radio telescopes in the world - RATAN-600. The observatory studies a variety of cosmic objects: from distant quasars to solar supernovae, double and variable stars. In addition, there is a historical and architectural complex in Nizhny Arkhyz.

Participants in "Curiosity" were 35 Letovо students from 7, 8 and 9 classes, who are interested not only in astronomy, but also in biology, physics, chemistry, archeology.

What did the students do?
They studied the ecosystem of reservoirs in Lower Arkhyz, evaluated the quality of water in rivers and reservoirs, and found out the connection between the animals that live in them.
Under the guidance of astrophysicists from SAO RAS they studied variable stars and supernovae, learned to work with international scientific databases, process and interpret the results of astronomical observations.

The results of the summer school were small projects, which may grow into full-fledged scientific works in the future, and maybe even lead to new discoveries!
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