February News Digest

2 March 2020
Academic Olympiads

On February 9, a famous Russian Olympiad in mathematics, the Math Festival, was held for 6th and 7th graders. This year, thanks to Letovo’s support, it was organized in the cities of Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod and Voronezh as well.

On February 29, in the city of Berdsk the final stage of the economics festival for students called Sibiriade. A Step to the Dream, was held. Only those students who passed two preliminary tours are invited to this final stage of this major interregional subject Olympiad. What makes this Olympiad so special is the economic simulation that involve the students.
Last year, Letovo students had good results at Sibiriade and this year they brought back home many awards amplifying their success.

On March 1, the teams of graduates from the IT Solutions School program met in the last round. Letovo’s team – Vykhod Yest! (The Solution Exists!) – is one of the few teams who made it to the final. For 5 months, students had been receiving first-hand experience in systematic project work in the area of IT. They were independently working on a current problem taken from daily school life: How to make it easier for Letovo students to prepare exeat forms so they are able to leave the school for weekends or holidays.

All the participants of the IT Solutions School received awards and several participants were also rewarded with gift certificates for a special web programming course.

All flags will come to be our guest…

On February 8, Letovo opened its doors to visitors for an open house. The visitors were not only able to learn more about the school but also:
— to test their knowledge by becoming involved and participating in the Open Laboratory popular science event organized by Letovo Chemistry teacher Aleksei Tishkin;
— to recycle a disposable coffee cup for a good purpose by planting seeds in it;
— to learn something new about the school – playing in the Letovo’s Svoya Igra ( Letovo’s Jeopardy!);
— to ask their most curious and challenging questions and receive the most honest answers in a comfortable and safe space that included only Letovo students and those who aspire to become ones.

Art in the Heart

It’s time to talk art!

On February 14, Letovo hosted its second Winter Ball – in style, with much joy and filled with many surprises – as becomes a real ball.
Memories and photos of this day can be seen on our social media, please follow the link:
https://vk.com/letovoschool?w=wall-119421121_8268, https://www.facebook.com/letovoschool/posts/2469344246636941

There is absolutely no way we could not mention the SAKE band! See the photo report from the band’s concert on February 18 made by Aleksandr Kovalevich in our group in VK.

On February 19, The Point of View Photo exhibition opened in Letovo school. The exhibition shows the works of the students from the photography course, Levels 1 and 2. All exhibits were created during classes taught by Vera Laponkina, Alla Afonina and Olga Matveeva. To learn more about the art exhibition, please follow the link.

It is hard to say goodbye to winter but Letovo students were able to say goodbye in style! The most memorable moments of Maslenitsa at Letovo have already been posted on social media - Please follow the link; https://vk.com/letovoschool?w=wall-119421121_8295, https://www.facebook.com/letovoschool/posts/2476992332538799

We’re looking forward to the holidays and hope that the next term will be filled with many exciting events. Results of this year’s admission process will be the most important event as well as everything else that we hope this spring may bring us!
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