Happy Victory Day!

9 May 2020
As time passes, it becomes more and more difficult to choose words that are meaningful and purposeful, that can explain the importance of this war and our victory in it. The best way is to listen to those who experienced the war themselves, whether as a soldier, or a nurse, or a home front worker, or a child waiting for their father to return... To let them speak, to mourn and cheer with them, to cry and remember.

Four meetings were held in Letovo before Victory Day, where we heard the testimonies of people who had witnessed the war. Students and teachers gathered together (truly together, even if the conference took place online) and read and listened to texts — a variety of texts written by different authors, but united by one theme. War and the person, war and what it gives and takes, war and the memory of it.

On May 5, during the first meeting, we listened to poems by Alexander Tvardovsky and Boris Slutsky — such different but equally fair poets. The name of the meeting was “The Different Faces of War”.

The second meeting on May 6, turned out to be multilingual and international, as we read poems by Paul Éluard, Paul Celan, Federico García Lorca, and other poets. These stories, about the pain of loss and the terror of war, sounded equally sincere despite their different languages, and the meeting was thus called “Memory Speaks One Language”.

On May 7, at the meeting called “An Ache in My Heart”, we discussed women who had lived through the war and read poems by Yulia Drunina and prose by Vladimir Bogomolov and Svetlana Aleksievich. Finally, at the last meeting “To Those I’ve Left Behind on Earth”, our students read texts by Viktor Nekrasov and Yan Satunovsky, Grigory Baklanov and Ion Degen, Bulat Okudzhava and Alexander Bek, and beautifully sang songs about the war and songs from those times.
We will upload the recordings very soon, but for now, here is a fragment from the last meeting, a song called “The Blue Scarf”. Both the performers and the listeners were far away from each other, in their homes. However, by singing, remembering, mourning and cheering, we were together.

We remember.
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