How We Study in Letovo Now

9 September 2020
The question asked by students, parents, and teachers on the school year’s eve was how lessons would be arranged under the new conditions. Before our students arrived, a tremendous job was done, and now we are ready to tell you what changes have been made to the organization of the educational process. The long-awaited arrival of the students at Letovo was carefully planned: it lasted for five days (from the 28th of August to the 1st of September), each family had their own timeslot reserved to avoid large crowds of people. As one of the safety measures, all planned activities and meetings with parents were held outside the school building. All arriving students took a COVID-19 rapid test and had their luggage sanitized. Today, the educational process at the school is organized in such a way as to minimize the risk of infection and to comply with the rules established by Rospotrebnadzor, while preserving all the benefits of Letovo (an individual curriculum plan, the opportunity to choose from a variety of extracurricular courses, clubs, and active sports). For this, students are grouped according to the similarity of their curricula. Classes in such groups are held in the same classroom, except for those subjects (science, for example) that require specialized classrooms. For such classes, different groups are formed, and the group membership is fixed to limit and, if necessary, to identify the student’s contacts. In general, the school’s academic team is ready for various scenarios and educational formats: face-to-face, online, or hybrid modes of study, as well as self-study with teachers’ support. We have actively used the latter format before (for example, when our students left for sessions at the Sirius Educational Center), and now we offer it to those Letovo students who, for some reasons, were unable to return to school by the beginning of the school year. As for afternoon courses, interest groups, clubs, and afternoon workshops (the extracurricular activities), a large part of them has been transferred to the online format. This is done only if going online does not affect the quality of the course, if there is no specific offline equipment needed in class, and online tools can additionally benefit the learning process. Face-to-face classes are possible only if the principle of a minimum increase in the child’s range of contacts is observed. Letovo has always hosted many events, including open, mass ones. But we have to abandon this format for a while. We also move lectures and concerts online (for example, most students watched the Knowledge Day ceremony on the 1st of September on screens in their classrooms), or we hold them in a hybrid format (some children participate directly, others via online systems). We believe that with a reasonable and responsible approach to safety measures, Letovo will be able to traverse this time calmly and make the best of it.
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