"I want it all!"

7 September 2019
Unlike the 2018 fair, the majority of clubs, sections, and workshops were presented not only by the teachers, but also by the students themselves. They told about the extracurricular activities they were already engaged in last year. And sometimes not only told… For example, at the station of the “Historical Fencing” section, of course, they demonstrated fencing, and the organizers of the “Historical Dances” club (last year it was called “I wanted to have a ball ...”) offered everyone to dance. The fair should help to understand the variety of activities held in the afternoon, so that each of our students can choose what is important and interesting to him in particular. And this choice is not easy! The most frequent remarks of yesterday are something like: “I want everything!” And “How to get everything done?”
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Letovo at the IBO Conference | Школа \
Letovo at the IBO Conference
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This year, the International Baccalaureate Global Conference in Abu Dhabi was attended by more than 1,500 educators from IB Programmes worldwide to share their experiences and discuss current thinking that enhances the IB Programme.
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Letovo at the IBO Conference | Школа \
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Letovo at the IBO Conference | Школа \
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Letovo at the IBO Conference | Школа \
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