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14 September 2020

For teachers and students of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP), this academic year is especially challenging and important. The first cohort will graduate from Letovo in 2021, and our 38 eleventh graders currently studying under this program have ahead the process of applying to overseas universities.

The students worked hard over the past year, and now they are gradually entering the home stretch: some have to send their documents to selected universities by October at the latest, including complete information about their academic and extracurricular achievements, motivation letters, and recommendations from teachers. The final exams of the Diploma Programme will be held in May, so this entire year will not be easy.
Also, 37 tenth graders have begun studying under the Diploma Programme. Now they get acquainted with the specifics of the IB DP and choose their curricula.

The coronavirus has made adjustments to the work of the school’s Department of Development and Innovations (whose team members are busy implementing the Diploma Programme at Letovo). Not all the teachers who joined the team have been able to come to Russia, and so far, they have been working with students online. However, distance learning does not prevent intensive study and preparation for admission. Moreover, it makes some aspects more accessible, with many major scientific conferences and science fairs going online, successful participation in which can significantly enrich the graduate’s portfolio.

 Also, starting this year, all students of the Diploma Programme will have the Genius Hour, as it is called, on their schedule — one hour per week of self-study for an academic online course at one of the largest overseas universities. The subject of the course should be related to the field the student will apply. Based on the results of their work, the students who have become familiar with the university format will make presentations of the courses they have taken for their fellow students and teachers.
We wish strength, perseverance, and success to all the Diploma Programme students, their teachers, and tutors!
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