IB Science group project

30 January 2020
The Project is a compulsory, but essentially is a fun Science experience undertaken by all DP students across the world, with an emphasis on negotiation, collaboration in planning, efficient data gathering, and effective presentation of results.
A key aim is to challenge students to work collaboratively with those from the other disciplines, with each activity group structured to include at least one Biologist, one Chemist, one Physicist, and a Computer Scientist with a blend of Higher and Standard Level scientists.
This year the chosen theme was “ Science In and Around Letovo” with 8 separate groups of students engaged in practical work in and around school inspired by the natural beauty around us.
Group 1 investigated where the highest quality and tastiest water could be found at Letovo. Surprisingly, just behind bottled water and in second place was the water fountain next to the gym.
Group 2 investigated the impact of human activity on snow. Compared to the snow from inside the school grounds to outside the school there were more pollutants (copper, sodium and calcium). Letovo has clean snow, so go enjoy our winter wonderland.

Group 3 compared freshly squeezed orange juice to bottled orange juice. Although both have similar biological, chemical and physical qualities 9/10 students prefer freshly squeezed orange juice.

Group 4 investigated the quality of the water of the pond across from the school grounds. Although it is still advised not to drink pond water the pond water is healthy with a pH of 6.8, hardness of 1.92, salt concentration of 3.7% and good transparency.

Group 5 investigated the impact of snow on plant growth around the school. In conclusion, the denser the snow, the higher the thermal conductivity, the colder the soil temperature, thus reducing optimal conditions for plant growth.

Group 6 compared scarves and were investigating the old wives tale that woolen scarves increase blood flow and provide more heat due to the scratchiness of their nature. The myth was debunked and both scarves provided similar amounts of heat insulation.
Group 7 investigated the complex nature of soil comparing soil found both inside and outside the school. In conclusion, the soil found off the schools premises had a higher pH, contained more silicon, calcium and iron and no microorganisms.
Group 8 investigated coffee at Letovo comparing espresso, cappuccino, and latte. The findings were inconclusive; however espresso was slightly more acidic, elevated blood pressure slightly, and had the lowest specific heat capacity. Health benefits and risks were not investigated, but we were warned to watch our coffee intake.
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