In Anticipation of the Holidays

26 December 2019
On December 25, Letovo hosted its first Christmas Charity Fair and a Christmas variety show. At the fair, students, their parents, teachers and other staff were selling and buying the items that they had created: pottery and toys, sweets and books, slime and stickers, drawings and ornaments. Fairgoers had the opportunity to learn how to make exquisite paper snowflakes and how to wrap gifts, how to do sparkling holiday make-up, watch magic tricks and dance spiritedly. It smelled like gingerbread and mulled wine, everybody sang Christmas carols along with the band, took pictures and enjoyed the fair – in one word, the school was filled with Christmas cheer. All the money raised – 195 thousand roubles – will be sent to the Starost v Radost charity fund. We hope that this small contribution will help the fund to bring joy to their residents. After the fair, on the main stage a spectacular variety show organized by students took place. To bring in the new decade, the students reflected on the decades that have passed. Charlie Chaplin, the Stilyagi, the first space flight, the 1980 Olympics, and, of course, the beginning of the Letovo story. The evening culminated with personal and important words given by the Principal, Mikhail Morkinskiy, and students’ wishes for the upcoming year.
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