Letovo by Your Side!

24 April 2020
The quarantine and self-isolation have not been easy for any of us. We invite everyone who is still eager to learn something new, to dig into their favorite subjects or to puzzle out complex topics to join our new Letovo by Your Side! project.

What is Letovo by Your Side?
– It is a platform where we post a selection of interesting exercises for different school subjects every week: you can tackle them at any convenient time, and the results are available immediately.
– It is a review of the online exercises conducted by our teachers, so you can clarify complicated issues, ask questions, and get recommendations.
– It is an opportunity to make studying fun, and to study together with Letovo.

First of all, the Letovo by Your Side! project is designed for students in Grades 5–8, but colleagues and interested parents are welcome to join us. A child or adult from any region in this country can participate in the project.

The program provides courses in biology, mathematics and programming, physics, as well as in the Russian language and linguistics. All courses are designed by the teachers at Letovo.

Letovo is by your side!
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