Letovo community helps!

3 February 2021

Letovo community helps!

On January 29, Not-A-Field Trips Day was held at Letovo. What is it? Let us give you some background information first.

On Field Trips Days usually held every month, students visit museums, manors, scientific laboratories, or various companies. Due to the pandemic and ensuing restrictions, all Field Trips Days were ‘moved’ online. 

The online format gives many opportunities: you can even feel like you are next to the Colosseum and in Machu Picchu with the help of various software. However, it is much more difficult to actively listen to someone who wants to speak out , look them in the eye, and let them know that you are there. Simply put, helping online is more difficult, especially if you are just getting started in charity and volunteering.

Charity is an important topic for Letovo: we cooperate with many charity funds and give all our students the opportunity to better understand this field. So on the Not-A-Fields-Trips Day, our tenth graders took part in the volunteer program, presenting projects to help various charity funds.

The funds have many needs and requests, and students can really help with some of them. Groups of tenth graders are now working on their own projects: some of them make adaptive toys in Fablab for the Prostranstvo Obshcheniya Center and a map of the world for the fund helping visually impaired people, some make videos for the Detskiye Serdtsa, Ray, and Lavka Radosti funds, some work on a program of a festival for the Center for Curative Pedagogics.

In March, Letovo students will share what they will have managed to do. For many of them, this is the first attempt at collective work; perhaps not all projects will work out perfectly. But any experience matters when it becomes the beginning of conscientious help to those in need.

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