6 December 2019


At the beginning of this academic year our studying IB DP program students Glafira Osipycheva and Ilya Bulygin started to implement the Letovo.Share project - in fact, it is an accessible educational program created and implemented by our students. So far, they have been working with School No.1392 and on Wednesdays they have been conducting various extra-curricular physics classes for seventh-graders. And the plans include a much more extensive work: classes in mathematics and chemistry and cooperation with other schools.
More information about the idea of the project, how and for what purpose it was created and what its goals are, is provided by the students themselves:

"The idea of Letovo.Share first came to us when we finally realized how many opportunities Letovo school gave us.

The depth and complexity of programs at average and specialized schools are completely different. The factual knowledge Russian children obtain in school is much weaker than the one that is required in universities or generally in the future. Even if the child is motivated enough to study in his free time, for the majority of Russian children it is remarkably hard to filter the information and use foreign resources.

Thereby we decided to create our own educational project that would make the quality education available for everyone. The major difference of our idea from other educational programs was that first, it would be absolutely free, second, it would be more diverse in terms of types of materials and work formats, and finally, it would be fully created by children. We as children have just studied similar materials, therefore if we create our own resource, we would be able to adapt the information so that it would be easier for children to understand it. Unlike grownups, we still remember the hardships we faced while we were first introduced to a specific topic. Accordingly, when we submit the information to other children we are likely to point out some details that were tricky for us.
We divided our help into two types: face to face lessons and an online open-source. As our goal was to give opportunities to everyone if we wouldn’t add some real-life lessons we would automatically disable those who don’t have free access to the internet. An open source was the second part of our project. All future quizzes and additional materials such as articles, lectures, and notes would be published there.

We wanted Letovo.Share to become the school tradition in which many new and old students from all the grades would be involved".
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