Letovo Tourist Rally

28 September 2020

September 25 saw the long-expected tourist rally for students take place. Today, it takes extreme caution and care to hold any kind of event; and the more joyful it is that our tourist rally has not only taken place but has turned out to be very cheerful, action-packed, and useful. All students split into teams, with every team bearing a “tree” name, which was not coincidental as the rally was held in the Letovo forest. We are currently actively developing the forest site, and soon it will be turned into the fully-fledged sport, study, and leisure site for our students. During the rally, students had a chance to see what had been done already. But the centerpiece of the program was going through trials — fifteen stations offering multiple tasks. Carrying an injured, navigating by space images and the legend, tying knots, pitching a tent, overcoming the zipline, and crossing the river across the log — these and other tasks were to be fulfilled by the teams both correctly and within the set time limit. Our congratulations to the students and best thanks to our PE Department and all the employees that helped us arrange this rally!
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