New Admissions to Letovo

5 October 2020

Good news for all those who dream of being admitted to Letovo: acceptance of applications has started! Admissions will cover the 7th, 8th and 9th grades — it means that today’s sixth, seventh, and eighth graders may become our prospective students. They will start studying in September 2021. Important information for current eighth-graders: Letovo’s January Holiday School is planned to be the only channel of entering the 9th grade this time. The January Holiday School encompasses free subject-based courses held during winter holidays; to be admitted to these courses, schoolchildren will have to qualify according to strict criteria. By participating in the January Holiday School, applicants will be able not only to acquire new knowledge and spend their holidays among peers who share their interest in science but also to take Letovo entrance exams. And even if you are not sure that you will be able to come to Letovo for the winter holidays, but you want to enter the 9th grade, you still will have to apply to the January Holiday School. We understand that our plans may be adjusted because of the epidemiologic situation. The safety of applicants, students, and employees of the school is Letovo’s top priority, and we will always act according to the official recommendations and permissions. Soon we will publish the exact effective date of application acceptance and details of the January School, and we will also update the critical information in a timely fashion. Letovo is waiting for new students: gifted, highly motivated, enthusiastic, strong-minded, willing to learn and grow!
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