Our Maslenitsa

18 March 2021

Our Maslenitsa

The third tern at Letovo ended with Maslenitsa – this year it was a proper one: frosty, with pancakes, dances, competitions, snow fortress assault and burning of... no, not of a Maslenitsa scarecrow, but a mask!

Maslenitsa is a holiday of renewal, saying goodbye to both the long winter and everything that one wants to leave in the past. So, the call to “Change the mask!” became the slogan of the event, and students had started making carnival masks several weeks before Maslenitsa to replace the boring medical masks with colorful ones.

The whole school participated in the preparations for Maslenitsa; both teachers and students came up with ideas and fulfilled them together. In total, over 70 students took part in the preparations for Maslenitsa, and they were inspired and guided by the wonderful Student Development team.

We also tried to make this holiday as environmentally friendly as possible: one of the stations – “Divide and Prosper” – was dedicated to separate waste collection, and all the dishes used at the holiday were made of corn starch.

After songs, dances, capturing of the fortress, and eating delicious pancakes, the time came for the main event: the burning (of course, in strict compliance with all the fire safety rules) of a giant mask. Yes, it burned reluctantly – just as reluctantly as winter is finally giving way to spring.

We thank all the organizers and participants of our colorful Maslenitsa!

You will find more photos from the holiday in the photo gallery on our website.
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