School Elections

12 October 2020
October 9, the first-ever Letovo elections to the school self-governance representative body took place. An action group of Letovo students from different grades substantiated the need for elections, developed and held the elections, and established the respective regulation. Overall, 33 candidates applied for seven positions — one person from each of the five grades (from the 7th up to 11th grades) and two general ticket positions. All candidates had their own electoral programs — some candidates were exceptionally detail-oriented, others tended to the populist campaigns, but everybody delivered their plans to the voters in their own way: through face-to-face meetings, leaflets, social network posts. October 8, the debates were held at the school: the candidates representing each grade answered the moderators’ questions and interviewed each other, thus enabling voters to compare their plans, goals, mindset and make an informed decision on October 9. Our congratulations to the students who won the elections! We wish them successful cooperation throughout the year — they will have to represent students’ interests in the workgroups dedicated to different aspects of school life. Our thanks to the Letovo students and employees engaged in the organization of the elections. We are sure this was an important and useful experience for the entire school.
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