Science Up!

18 December 2019
The idea of the competition and its name – Science Up! – are a mixture of two formats: Science Slam which popularizes science and stand-up comedy. Germany was the first to think of turning scientists into stars. The German psychologist, Gregor Büning organized the first Science Slam in the format of a battle. Since then, science battles have spread to dozens of German cities and other countries. In 2012, they reached Russia – the first Science Slam in this country took place in Gorky Park in Moscow. Nowadays, university Science Slam is well developed here, however, school Science Slam is developing slower. The members of the resident Letovo Science club tried to make it right by organizing a school Science Up! The event was organized by Evgenia Ivanicheva, David Imatovich, Vasilisa Polischuk, Andrei Pleskachevsky, Polina Savina and Sofya Yudintseva (the lovely master of ceremonies) together with their teacher and club supervisors Anton Zakharov and Denis Zolkin. The participants were expected to speak for a limited time period (not longer than 10 minutes) about a specific more complicated science topic – the 2019 Nobel Prize winners in medicine, chemistry, physics, literature, economics, the Nobel Peace Prize winner as well as about the Ig Nobel Prize winners. The talk was to be delivered in an easy to understand manner and captivating for the non-scientific audience like a stand up. The students also made presentations with the important highlights about their topic utilizing the most up-to-date memes. The event was opened by the Head of Science Svetlana Kolyakina, followed by the talks – humorous, paradoxical, quick-witted and sharp! The winner was determined by the noise level of the audience: after each talk the audience voiced their opinion by applauding, shouting and stomping their feet. In this first ever Letovo Science Up! the talk given by David Imatovich on the Nobel Prize winner in literature was met with the biggest applause making him the winner. We are anxiously awaiting the next battle of scientists!
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