Service Day

2 April 2021

Service Day

On March 30, Letovo’s tenth graders had a special event – a Service Day. This is the name for the days when the volunteer projects our students are working on are discussed. This Service Day was the third one this academic year. Vera Kostina, a 10th-grade student, has told us how it went.

“Before noon, we worked in the teams that had already been formed: each team cooperates with a particular charitable organization and performs a specific task for them. All the students had chosen a group in the fall, and each person had been doing what they took to heart. Organizations and tasks are very different: from social video ads on conscious consumption and leaflets on how to use a computer for elderly persons to making educational toys for people with mental disabilities (supported by the Prostranstvo Obshchenia Fund) and organizing an event at the Center for Curative Pedagogics. 

The main goal of this meeting was to take another step towards the completion of the projects and prepare them for presentation at the school-wide Service Day. Although we had very little time, almost everyone managed to cope with their tasks. It was great to experience this kind of teamwork and, most importantly, to cooperate with real charitable organizations. When you understand that you do something that will result in helping others, your responsibility for what you do becomes more serious and, knowing that, you yourself enjoy doing this job more.

I think the most wonderful thing about these projects is that we were given almost complete freedom. We were only limited by the task itself set by the charitable organization, but we could act as we pleased within the framework of this task. For example, the students who filmed a social video for the Ray Fund to help homeless animals were able to go to the shelter to communicate with the animals and take pictures and make videos of them, and also arranged it with teachers to film their pets. Another group also made a social video, but their approach was quite different: they decided to create an animated video.

All the projects have turned out (or are just turning out) different but very interesting. And when you look at the result, you understand that to do good, you don’t need as much as it might seem.”

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