Social Initiatives Fair

28 January 2021

Social Initiatives Fair

On January 22, a schoolwide social initiatives fair was held in Letovo for the first time. The idea sprang from a simple question: “What can we do for the school?” Most of our students are familiar with project work, so an idea came up to bring together the existing experience and the school community’s needs to solve important problems, develop current initiatives, and support new ones. 

At the fair, Letovo teachers and students talked about their ideas and what they need to bring them to life. Fifteen initiatives were presented, all of them very different: some are purely practical (e.g., the Lost & Found project aimed at helping find items lost at the school), some – social (the idea of creating an employment center for Letovo students who want to work during their holidays) or historical (e.g., help in creating a website for the school project called My 20th century). 

Now each student will be able to choose which idea appeals to them and in which activity they would like to participate. After the teams are made up, the work on the projects will begin and continue from January through March. In April, the teams will report on what they have managed to achieve. 

The founders of the initiatives fair expect that Grades 7-8 students, Letovo’s youngest, will become the most active participants in all projects: after all, they will support and develop the traditions that emerged with the school.

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