Sports News

17 October 2019
On October 11, the Letovo football team took on the Doroga K Uspekhu football team kicking off the football league season. Despite the determination of the players, the match ended in a draw.
On October 12, in the second match of the season, the Letovo football team met the School 69 football team. The match began on a sad note: by the middle of the first half Letovo team was losing 1-6, but in the beginning of the second half they evened the score: 6-6. Unfortunately, the final score was 7-9 in favor of the School 69 team. However, despite the score, the match was a success. The Letovo team learned much from their mistakes.
On October 16, the PE and Sports teachers had an opportunity for personal development and professional growth: Sergei Golovin, the Chairman of the Referees Association of the Volleyball Federation in Moscow Oblast came to the school to give a lecture on current rules and regulations of volleyball. The Letovo PE and Sports teachers are now able to hold and referee a volleyball tournament.
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