Technopreneurship Training

22 April 2020
Our school has launched a large-scale educational project to develop and appraise a general education program in the natural sciences and technology to foster future technopreneurs, at the request of the RUSNANO Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. Who is a technopreneur? It is a person who has a good understanding of business basics, knows the operational mechanisms and demands of technology markets, can work in a team on technology projects, and, last but not least, understands the technical details in natural science development. The target audience of the new program are students in two age groups (Grades 7–9 and 10–11) from any secondary school in the country. The project will develop a program of advanced professional education for teachers, as well as guidelines for schools to help them train technopreneurs. This project is really important for the future of education and various professional spheres, and Letovo School is pleased to do its part.
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