The In One Word Forum

3 March 2021

The In One Word Forum

On February 27, the In One Word forum of social studies and humanities was held in Letovo: it was the first large-scale school event dedicated to what interests our students in the fields of social and humanitarian knowledge. 

The forum was opened with a lecture “Why do we need knowledge about culture and society?” given by Andrei Oleinikov, Ph.D., head of the department of political and legal doctrines of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. His lecture was the only one given by an adult speaker – as the students took the floor afterward, while teachers only performed the function of moderators.

The lectures were given in three sections: historical, pedagogical, and social, to enable Letovo students to talk about what worries and interests them, what they want to discuss: from single-gender education to Clubhouse’ success secrets, from historical reenactments to the Novocherkassk massacre, from feminism to legal protection mechanisms.

After the lectures, the forum switched to another mode – the World Café mode – a group discussion of important issues in a relaxed atmosphere. The discussion was held at different tables in foreign languages ​​- not only in our usual English but also in Spanish, German, and French. Each table had “hosts” who invited “guests” to discuss various topical issues.
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