The Last Bell Ceremony

25 May 2021

The Last Bell Ceremony

On May 21 Last Bell ceremony took place in Letovo. And on that day we didn't just summarize another school year. We said goodbye to our first graduates – 98 people who will soon leave to different countries, cities, universities. Yes, there are still exams and graduation party ahead, but the most important milestone has already been passed: the kids who seemingly came to the newly opened Letovo school quite recently became graduates.

"We have crossed our first little finish line," said Vadim Moshkovich, the founder of the school. He thanked everyone who helped him create Letovo, who works at the school and supports it now, and he addressed the graduates with these words: "Guys, thank you so much. You spent the minimum amount of time at the school, but showed maximum results. Amazing results that no one expected. I wish you the success you deserve."

On this day in Letovo not only students, school staff, but also parents of graduates, guests and school patrons gathered together. Yet the celebration did not turn into a dry formal event and the speeches from the stage were not solemn, but sincere and warm thanks, memories and wishes of good luck.
Alexander Tynkovan, member of Board of Trustees of school "Letovo": “Whoever is given a lot is responsible for a lot. Remember this. You have many opportunities, and I wish you to fulfill them”.
Alexey Krivoshapko, member of the school's Board of Trustees: “Curiosity and critical thinking are important for a successful and happy person. I think that Letovo gave you a good lesson in these qualities, and I wish you not to lose them”.
Natalia Trifonova, mother of graduate Maria Trifonova: “When I say the words 'Letovo School' I have several feelings at once. But the strongest ones are pride, calmness, and gratitude”.
The graduates themselves also spoke, and it seems their words were the best proof that in three years the school has managed to do a lot. They spoke about freedom as the main feature of Letovo, about responsibility, friendship, and the ability to make a choice.
And Mikhail Mokrinsky, school principal, told the graduates simply and truly: "Letovo" is a place of strength, to which you will return, because here are the people with whom you spent that time, and those friends who will be with you for life, and those opportunities to recharge the memory of the great work, memory of the great discoveries, great happiness, all of which are now forever with you".

There was also a lot of sunshine, flowers, laughter, and a little bit of tears on this day, something one probably couldn't do without. There was a wonderful gift for the whole school - a concert of the Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra. We announced the formation of "Letovo" Alumni Association - we believe that it will become a living part of the school, that the graduates will always be happy to come to "Letovo", that the joy and warmth of their last bell will not be forgotten for many years.
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