The Results of the Most Important School Olympiad in Russia

13 March 2020
Letovo students put their knowledge to the test in 19 subjects and won 31 winner diplomas and 145 medalist diplomas. Most diplomas were in mathematics (23), physics (22), computer science and ICT (20). Many students participated in the Olympiads across multiple subjects. 31 students were awarded two diplomas, 10 were awarded three, while the record-holders for number of diplomas earned were ninth-grader Ekaterina Blinkova (diplomas in biology, chemistry, Russian language and literature) and Maxim Vaulin (Italian, jurisprudence, world art, geography, and Russian). Congratulations to all the students and teachers who have done such a great job, and we wish success to those who have yet to sit the final stage of the All-Russian School Olympiad!
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