Virtual Field Trip Day

30 April 2020
“On Thursday, April 23, I travelled all the way to Lisbon. You’ll probably ask: “How did you do that? The whole world is in lockdown, and all flights have been canceled...” The answer is simple: “I went on a virtual journey!” — so begins the story from one of our students about the very first school-wide Virtual Field Trip Day. The great cities’ past and present, facts and legends, even sounds and tastes — the students discovered all these things as they travelled with their guides through Google Maps by listening and letting their imagination fly. We are happy to share some Virtual Field Trip Day videos with our readers. Here is a list of tours (and their authors) available for visiting: A stroll around Tokyo (Daniel Dugayev), A walk around the royal Madrid (Tatyana Pigareva), Reading Venice (Arseny Petrov), Byzantium – Constantinople – Istanbul, or There and Back Again (Roman Schlyakhtin), Life in Medieval Paris (Olga Karaskova), Why All Roads Lead to Jerusalem (Olga Andreyeva), The Quarters of Lisbon (Kseniya Naumova), Barcelona: Independent Catalonia, Gaudi, and Dragons (Ksenia Samarina), From Londinium to London (Elvira Cubert). Here are a few of the most colorful excerpts from reviews written by Letovo students after the Virtual Field Trip Day. “Instead of not-so-interesting and long-explored museums, we visited the cities itself! And the guides were masters of their craft. I really liked how interactive it was: it was nice to walk through Google Maps as it made it feel like we were on tour and not just looking at the screen.” “To be honest, it was a very unusual and unforgettable experience. I knew nothing about the city before the ‘trip’, not the history or its culture, and I had no idea what it looks like. After immersing myself in the world of Lisbon for two hours, I was completely absorbed by its atmosphere, even though I’ve never seen it in real life! I’ve fallen in love with its narrow streets, tiled houses, wide river, and traditional fado music. I was able to see the city from all angles. I really hope that in the future, I’ll be able to see the city not just as a picture.” “After the tour, I spent some extra time exploring the lanes near Tokyo Skytree on my own. It’s awesome to be able to observe this life in 3D (even if it’s only on a computer screen). Here’s a guy walking his dog, here are some girls taking pictures against a blossoming tree, and here are some children on the playground. These lovely moments, frozen in time, were captured and inserted into the image. So you can walk around a city that’s stuck in time, frozen but still alive. It’s very important that people have a sense of presence right now, a sense that life keeps going, even if it’s not as visible as before. It’s so cool that we had these trips! I’d finally gotten out of the house!” “Today, I visited two cities in the world. Just like any resident of Podolsk going to work in Moscow, but with some difference in the distance. There are 36 km between Moscow and Podolsk, while there are 3,237 km between Lisbon and Istanbul. It’s nothing less than a journey through space! Having breakfast in Europe’s westernmost point and late lunch in the biggest metropolis in Asia! Yes... Unfortunately, you can’t try the cuisine, but it seems to be the next stage in human development. Such distant and unlike cities at either end of Europe are closer than they seem. That’s true for the entire Earth during the lockdown period. Maybe the pandemic is not an excuse to wrap up globalization and feel more suspicious of other people? On the contrary, maybe it’s meant to show us how much closer we’ve become thanks to the Internet, despite the distance and time, despite our different goals, political views, and favorite type of pasta?” The photo shows a picture taken during the tour around Istanbul with Roman Schlyakhtin.
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