About Boarding

The tradition of boarding schools is long-standing — it has existed for several centuries dating back to medieval times. The first boarding schools appeared sometime between the VI-VII centuries in Western Europe, primarily located in England. Considered to be the first boarding school was King’s School in Canterbury, England founded in 597. British boarding schools are thus justly considered an exemplar role model for classical boarding school education.

In an attempt to embody the best world’s and Russian boarding practices, Letovo School strives to give every student an opportunity to receive a world-class education, provide them with the tools to thrive in their daily lives and space that is conducive to maintaining high academic standards, while providing the students with the utmost care.

Today, boarding at Letovo encompasses 10 comfortable houses, each occupied by 56 students of different ages (ages 12-18). Boys and girls live in separate houses; however, the standard of the houses is the same. Within each House, students occupy a bedroom shared with no more than three others (the oldest students are in double rooms), and there are common rooms, a kitchen area, and a prep room for quiet study.

Together these 10 houses form the Boarding community based on the traditions of British boarding schools. Every house at Letovo School has a Housemaster/Housemistress or an Assistant Housemaster/Housemistress and Graduate Boarding Assistants that live and share the house with the students. This Boarding Team is responsible for the care of the students creating a home away from home.

The Letovo boarding team are highly experienced specialists, who have worked in leading boarding schools around the world. Their absolute priority is the safety and the well-being of Letovo students.

Letovo School is the only school in Russia to have become a member of the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA). Their goal is for students to be able to learn and understand different peoples by making friends and living in a thriving community based on mutual respect, it is an excellent preparation for the increasingly global world.

Students are not required to live in the Boarding houses — there are three options for studying at Letovo depending on the family wishes, situation and place of residence.

Boarding isn’t obligatory for students. Depending on each family’s needs and wishes, students have three boarding options.

Three ways to join boarding at Letovo

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Day students: Here boarders meet day students. This is best suited for students who prefer to live at home. These students will stay at school throughout the day, study on the school premises, be involved in both academic and extra-curricular classes and be fully integrated into the school community.
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6 Day Boarding is from Monday to Saturday. Weekly boarding is best suited for those students who live within 100 km from Moscow. These students will remain on campus and live in the Boarding houses during the week but will spend part of their weekends at home with their families.
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7 Day Boarding is from Monday to Monday. Full boarding suits those students who are from more remote areas of Russia. These students will live on campus during the academic year and only return home during school holidays.

Life on campus is the first step of independent life for most of students. This valuable experience helps them to become self-sufficient and conscious adults.

Pastoral care
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House facilities
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