House facilities

Every house is specifically designed for students. Middle and high schoolers live in one house, but on different floors. This approach helps teenagers understand each other better, incentivizes those who are older to pay attention and help the younger ones, and the younger ones - to see by the example how to prioritize time, where to grow and what challenges to be prepared for. There are Housemasters and matrons in each house, helping students with scheduling and daily matters.


There are 10 houses for students who live on campus. Each house is designed for 56 children, either boys or girls. Middle schoolers live on the first floor, and high schoolers live on the second floor. Each house has its own playground, terrace and balcony. All students have access to computers and free wi-fi (restricted during night hours). All rooms are equipped with bathrooms, and there is a laundry room on each floor.

Students’ rooms

Школа «Летово»
7-9 grade

Four middle school students live in a room. They have a separate room for studying, so they have access to tutors’ helping hand. Such design allows to prioritize time, be focused on what they are doing at the moment and not to disturb anyone else. Every student has own desktop, and also a bed, a bedside table and a closet.

Школа «Летово»
10-11 grade

Highschoolers have rooms for two people. Every student has own desktop, and also a bed, a bedside table and a closet.

Staff apartments

Housemasters’ Apartment

Housemasters lives in a separate apartment with their family. Housemasters regularly meet with the students, assist them in academic and extracurricular life and monitor their motivation. The office of the housemaster is next door to the living room, where all the residents of the house gather.

Matrons’ Apartment

In each house on the first floor there is a matrons’ apartment. Like the housemaster, the matron helps children with living matters and solves any day-to-day problems. The door of the matron’s apartment is always open to visitors.

Living rooms

Each house has 2 living rooms – a big one with access to a terrace and a small one for 7-9 year children only. The large living room is a common space for everyone to meet and hang out. It is a space for games, music, news, group projects and discussions. Each room has a kitchenette equipped with a fridge, microwave and tables.