Boarding structure

The work on Letovo project started four years ahead of the school’s official opening, so that all facets of student life is thought through and prepared to the smallest details. The Pastoral Care system considers both concerns of the parents and aspirations of the students. This way every student and parent feel the amount of love and dedication put into the school.

The key value of Letovo Pastoral Care is its openness; therefore, we encourage parents to engage in their kids’ life. Parents stay in contact with their children: can visit or call them, check up with tutors, receive feedback from teachers. Letovo takes full responsibility for the well-being of our students, and we want parents to trust the team of professionals dedicated to keeping boys and girls sane.

Specific attention is given to the ambiance of students’ houses. Teenagers need a place to feel at home, as they live there up to 5 years. Much like a parental home, Letovo seeks to be an embodiment of a warm, cozy and safe place where the child is understood and cherished.

Each House has its own name, style and character formed by its inhabitants. Regardless of the theme and temper of the House, there are values we all share: responsibility, pursuit of excellence, openness and curiosity.

Senior Housemaster/
Gap student
Assistant Housemaster/
Graduate boarding

House staff

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Our Housemasters and Housemistresses as well as Graduate boarding assistants are professional mentors who work at Letovo, live in the House with their families, and govern the routines. They oversee all the disciplinary matters, monitor relationships between the students, organize events, and know what the children do, whether they sleep at night, how do they manage spare time. House staff engage pupils into group projects, take them to a theater, arrange festivals and championships, invite musicians, writers, social activists and other interesting people for lectures and discussions. They are more than just coordinators, they are facilitators and supervisors, bringing together the vision of parents and teachers, helping to balance personal and academic upbringing. Both parents and students find wise and supportive advisors in House staff.

Psychological help

Psychologists actively participate in Pastoral Care. They organize regularly training sessions, workshops, games to integrate newcomers into life at Letovo. They are also open to individual and family sessions with students and parents. The responsibility of Housemasters is to recognize a problem early, and to let psychological center know about it, so they could give a child timely support.