Winter Holiday Program

Winter Holiday Program

In January, Letovo School is offering the opportunity to combine intensive preparation for the Olympiads with work on interdisciplinary projects, research and field practice. There will also be occasions to practice English, be creative and do sports, all the while interacting with peers and like-minded people!

A rich educational program awaits any and all Russian schoolchildren. The program will include lectures and workshops with the best Olympiad coaches and teachers, meetings with leading Russian scientists and experts, as well as laboratory research and field practice. Participants of the Winter Holiday Program will be able to prepare for the upcoming Olympiads and for research projects, as well as to interact with like-minded people, make new friends and be challenged to learn.

In May 2019, during the last school year, Letovo School organized a Spring Holiday Workshop, which was a great success. The program was participated in by 177 students chosen from over 4,200 applicants. They came from different corners of Russia to study in depth one of 9 fields.

Program Leaders:

  • Teachers of Letovo School – combined together among them are more than 100 winners of Russian and foreign Olympiads and competitions,
  • Instructors of the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching
  • University professors
  • Foreign teachers and experts


Participation is free for any schoolchild who lives in Russia and who has passed the competitive selection process for admission into the Winter Holiday Program.

Core subjects