Our main goal is to give motivated children access to the highest levels of academic knowledge, opportunities for all-round development and admission to top universities in Russia and abroad. I don’t like the idea of competing with neighbouring schools or the school’s ranking, district-wise. You should learn from your neighbours, what you should fight for is your own dream
Mikhail Mokrinskiy
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 1
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 2
What makes the education at Letovo unique is the fact that we develop skills. You may well forget the date of the Mongol invasion, but you will most definitely learn how to work with historical and critical sources of information. And that is what we call ‘skills for life’, which are vital for every person living in the 21st century
Madlena Shaginyan
Head of Academics
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 3
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 4
The International Baccalaureate (IB) is one of the few international programmes whose diploma is accepted by most universities throughout the world. Its educational model is built on the principles of humanistic psychology and is aimed at the holistic development of personality. I am a big proponent of this approach and I see the need to popularize this programme
Larisa Korabelshikova
Head of Admissions
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 5
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 6
Doing mathematics is the experience of deriving enjoyment from overcoming a challenge. What happens during solving a mathematics problem is an important existential experience
Dmitry Schnol
Head of Mathematics Department
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Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 8
The combination of two educational models – those of the Russian and International Baccalaureate – opens up great possibilities for developing students’ abilities and talents, enables their fulfilment, to find themselves and simply their happiness
Irina Lyamsheva
Head of Foreign Languages department
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 9
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 10
The focus of geography is the interactions between humans. The variety of material studied allows students to draw on their own personal experiences, implement team projects and develop systematic thought processes. The main art of the teacher is to create a distinct image of the world and its parts within a student’s mind as well as teach students how to broaden and reconsider this image without assistance’
Grigoriy Saminskiy
Geography Teacher
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Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 12
Information Technology at school is a tool which gives students a new level of understanding while mastering other subjects. Key achievements in modern life are connected with this tool, among which are computational linguistics, bioinformatics, big data in elementary particle physics and implementing artificial intelligence in medicine
Vladimir Gurovits
Head of Computer science and Design department
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Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 14

Everyone remembers a teacher who changed one’s life, whose opinion was always interesting and important to hear. In Letovo there is a team of such teachers, each is ready to go through all the school challenges hand in hand with the child, helping, criticizing, spreading their enthusiasm, confidence and sense of humor from the first days until the graduation and beyond.

All instructors at Letovo have teaching experience in the best Russian and international schools. We are forming strong and well-balanced team of methodologists experienced in writing manuals for teachers, of examiners experienced in developing tasks for the Russian national contests (Olympiads) and the Unified State Exam, of young yet successful teachers passionate about cutting edge tech practices. All Letovo teachers have academic and pedagogical success story, and we are all here to stay, and to commit sincerely to the idea of creating the new school.

Every student in Letovo has a rare opportunity to count on personal attention from any teacher. Due to the proportion of 7:1 (7 students to 1 teacher) our students can individually consult with teachers from any department, looking from various perspectives into any subject they are interested in.

Executive team

Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 15
Mikhail Gennadievich Mokrinskiy is the principal at Letovo School, a member of managing committee of the ‘Teacher for Russia’ programme and an acclaimed expert in the field of education. Mikhail Mokrinskiy was the founding principal of Moscow Lyceum 1535 and guided it to a leading position in Russia’s best schools rating. He has also headed the education management of Moscow Central district and has participated in several educational projects and reforms both at regional and federal level.
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 16
Head of Academics
Madlena Shaginyan is an internationally-acclaimed specialist in education and teacher training with 17 years’ experience. She is a trainer and member of the International Baccalaureate Expert Committee for Europe and Asia. At Letovo School Madlena Shaginyan is in charge of implementing best practice in the programme as well as maintaining the quality of the educational standards and the innovative system of teacher professional development. Madlena Shaginyan has won awards from the European Council of International Schools and Ministry of Education of Russia for her contributions to developing international education.
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 17
Head of Boarding and Pastoral Care
With many years of Boarding experience, Diane is currently one of a small number of UK Boarding Schools Association (BSA) Level Four Accredited Practitioners. At Diane's core is a love of young people, obvious to any of our students after only one interaction with her. She remembers everything about you from that first meeting. She will do everything she can to make sure your home life aids your academic studies so that you achieve all you desire.
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 18
Head of Extra-curriculum
Specialist in project management in the field of education and culture. Graduated from the faculty of linguistics of Russian State University for Humanities and finished his post-graduate studies in the V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management for Global Business (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, 2018). Between 2009-2011 was a Deputy General Director for Development of the Polytechnic Museum, participated in the launching of its holistic modernization. In 2011-2018 was a Vice-Rector of Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University.
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 19
Head of Admissions
Larisa Korabelshikova is a specialist in education methodology and studies. She has varied experience in co-ordinating studies at the best Russian schools (including the Lyceum of National Research University Higher School of Economics and Moscow School 45), and as a consultant and expert on international examinations. She is responsible for combining and organizing the Russian educational standards and the International Baccalaureate – a programme aimed at all-round education of students.
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 20
IB DP Coordinator
With a profound belief in the prowess of education in nurturing the next generations, Damien Chiang was trained as a qualified teacher since 2003 and he went on to do a Masters in Education in 2006. He has been teaching in IBDP schools since year 2010 and he saw for himself the worthy aims and objectives of IBO and there is no turning back for him. Currently serving as DP Coordinator, he aims to provide the best DP experience to Letovo students and to develop them to the mission of Letovo School and IBO, and of their own aspirations to their fullest potential.

Academic department

Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 21
Head of Mathematics Department
Dmitry Schnol is a teacher, author and manager of programmes working with talented children. He has taught algebra and geometry since 1990. Before coming to Letovo School he created and led the mathematics department at ‘Intellectual’ School (Moscow) and has worked as a methodologist at the Moscow Centre of pedagogical proficiency. Alongside his speciality in mathematics, he is also a philologist. Dmitry Schnoll’ is a member of the committee which prepares the All-Russian Mathematics Olympiads.
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 22
Head of Foreign Languages department
Worked in the Moscow Gymnasium №5 for 12 years. Undertook internship at one of the best US schools Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, where she taught Russian and English for a year. Besides, Irina Lyamsheva taught IB English programmes and coordinated the “Foreign languages” strand in Moscow School of Economics.
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 23
Head of Science department
Teacher of the highest qualification category. Holds the title “Honourable worker of General Education of the Russian Federation” (2009). Winner of the contest of the best Russian teachers of the Major National Project “Education” (2006). Three times laureate of the Moscow Government Grant. Moscow Teacher of the Year (2012). Three times winner of Dmitry Zimin’s fund “Dynasty” in the nomination “Tutor of Future Scientists”. Original author of the project “Scientific Salon” of the “Trajectory” fund. Among Svetlana Kolyakina’s students there are those with 100 points in the Unified State Exam in Physics, winners and prize-winners of the All-Russian School Olympiads and the International Experimental Olympiad in Physics and Astronomy, a gold medalist in the International Physics Olympiad (2016) and a silver medalist in the Asian Physics Olympiad (2016).
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 24
Head of Social studies department
Elena Urman’s work experience is 27 years. Elena Urman has the highest teacher qualification. She is the developer of educational programmes of the distance-learning project “Teleschool” and the Unified State Exam preparation course in Social Studies of the “Maximum” educational programme. Elena Urman holds certificates in MYP and DP of the International Baccalaureate Organization. Laureate of the Moscow Governor Grant (2009) and the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation in the educational area (2010). Elena Urman is actively involved in social and educational activities: she is a member of the International Committee of Former Prisoners of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, the co-founder of the public non-commercial fund of the “Memorial of the prisoners of fascist concentration camps named after Mark Tilevitsch”.

Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 25
Head of Computer science and Design department
Author of online-courses in maths olympiads preparation (informatics.msk.ru). Headed the Department of IT at the Foxford online-school. For 15 years has been the organizer, materials developer and jury member of Moscow and All-Russian Olympiads in programming. Creator of the contest “Archimedes”. Organizer of the Summer Computer School.
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 26
Head of Language and Literature department
Alumnus of the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State Pedagogical University. Candidate of Sciences in Philology. In 2000-2018 taught Russian at the Lyceum 1535. Trained winners and prize-winners of the regional and final tour of the All-Russian Olympiad in the Russian language. During his work in the Lyceum 58 his alumni achieved 100 points in the Unified State Exam in Russian, the average points of the alumni in the Unified State Exam in Russian – 90. Expert in the Unified State Exam in Russian. Author of several schoolbooks on preparation for the Unified State Exam.
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 27
Head of Arts Department
Ph.D. in History of Arts. Alumnus of the department of Theory and History of Arts of the History faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Undertook professional training at Harvard University (USA) and Ca' Foscari University of Venice (Italy). Reads lecture courses in History of Arts at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian State University for Humanities, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Russian Icons, the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture.
Academic team - Letovo School - фото № 28
Head of Physical education department
Honoured teacher of the city of Moscow. Honoured worker of general education of the Russian Federation. Laureate of the contest “Moscow Pedagogue of the Year – 2017”. Winner of the contest “Moscow Teacher of the Year – 2000”. Twice laureate of the Grants of the President of the Russian Federation in education. In 2007-2016 – acting as a chief editor of the magazine “Sports at school” of the “First September” publishing house. Author of over 150 articles, published in various educational issues.