Advisory Board

The Council of Experts advises Letovo School on strategic issues and international quality standards. Members of the council are principals of leading schools around the world with deep expertise in education for gifted and talented students. They help us develop our educational programmes, plan professional development for teachers, organize admissions, set up the infrastructure of boarding school and create a dynamic educational environment.
Lai Cheng Lim
Academic Principal of Raffles Institution, 2007–2013
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Raffles Institution

Raffles Institution is one of the best schools of the world with the highest number of students entering Oxford and Cambridge, and Ivy League universities.

It is in the list of G20 Schools and Global Alliance of Leading-Edge Schools (GALES) – the association of international schools leading the secondary education sector.

In 2004, Raffles Institution won the most prestigious award of the Ministry of Education of Singapore – the School Excellence Award.

Ralph Townsend
(Great Britain)
Principal of Winchester College, 2005–2016
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Winchester College

Winchester College is routinely ranked as being one of the best schools in Great Britain.

With a 600-year history, Winchester is one of the oldest schools in the UK, and is famous for its unique traditions and high academic standards.

It was ranked top boarding school in the UK in 2015 by A Level results.

Bradford Gioia
(the USA)
Principal of Montgomery Bell Academy, 1994 – present
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Montgomery Bell Academy

Montgomery Bell Academy is one of the top schools in the USA, with a history of more than 150 years.

74% of its teachers have advanced degrees, 13 of them have doctorates.

For many years Montgomery Bell students have achieved among the highest SAT marks in the USA.