Graduate Boarding Assistant

Pastoral team

Main duties and responsibilities

To be a supportive adult presence reporting to the Housemaster/mistress and under the overall direction of the Head of Boarding and Pastoral Care to assist with and contribute to the supervision and care of the students with responsibility for the health, clothing and general wellbeing of those in the House.

Working with students:

  • Provide a safe, comfortable environment within the boarding house to ensure health and safety of students always
  • Show non-intrusive interest in all aspects of student’s school life, passing on any discipline issues to the Head of Boarding and Pastoral Care
  • Be available always for students to communicate ensuring any disclosures are immediately passed onto the Head of Boarding/Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) in line with the School Safeguarding policy
  • Ensure daily routines for students is maintained, particularly wake up, mealtimes & bedtimes
  • Ensure health and safety is a priority in the common living rooms
  • Ensure linen changes are undertaken on a weekly basis as per rota
  • In association with the other boarding staff ensure tidiness of student’s dorms are checked and monitored, reporting any issues
  • To monitor student dress code and issues of cleanliness, reporting any concerns
  • Accompany students to the School Medical Centre
  • Collect exeats as required
  • Escort students to hospital as required

Working with staff & parents:

  • Ensure timely reporting of any student issues to the Housemaster/mistress with any serious issues immediately to the Head of Boarding
  • Attend daily meeting with Boarding staff to ensure effective communication is maintained
  • Attend regular Boarding and Pastoral meetings as required by the Head of Boarding and Pastoral Care
  • Signs of student behavior, health or welfare issues are reported immediately to the Housemaster/mistress with any serious issues immediately to the Head of Boarding/ DSL

Working within the boarding house:

  • Participate fully in the life of the boarding house including induction
  • Ensure cleanliness, health and safety issues are reported immediately to the Operations team
  • Be available to escort external service personnel
  • Sleep in the boarding house when on duty informing the Housemaster/mistress when offsite
  • Along with other staff ensure the House is ready to receive students at the beginning of each semester
  • Support fully departure procedures and ensuring the House can be handed over to the Operations team for cleaning during vacation periods
  • Any other duties as outlined by the Head of Boarding & Pastoral Care

Candidate requirements

Education & work experience: Higher education desirable along with boarding, summer school experience desirable with relevant computer skills

Specialty: Medical/First aid qualifications desirable

    Personal: High levels of integrity, organization, and responsibility with a genuine love of children & young people

    Package details

    • Competitive salary
    • One-time relocation allowance for employee
    • Renewable 2-year contract after a successful 3-month probation period
    • Visa and work permission support
    • Full medical coverage insurance for employee
    • Return flights once a year
    • Professional development opportunities and support
    • Start date: August 2021
    Max file size 2 MB, types: .pdf, .doc, .docx

    Other information

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