Academic Streaming

Each student at Letovo is required to study two core subjects at a high level according to their specializations and a third core subject that is of their choice and according to their individual interests. In addition, they will be expected to take a language other than English. Students are encouraged to form a foundation from which they can build upon and most importantly, love to learn.

Mathematics and Physics

Focuses on in-depth classical mathematics and physics. This also allows students to select interdisciplinary areas such as biophysics or chemical physics.

Mathematics and Programming

An advanced course in mathematics allows for the serious study of the theory of algorithms as well as achievements in robotics and the development of digital projects in interdisciplinary areas.

Economics and Mathematics

It involves an in-depth study of economic theory, basics of economic statistics and econometrics and the application of this knowledge in real life.

Biology and Chemistry

The specialization allows for the in-depth study of biology, chemistry and physics. Intra-disciplinary and interdisciplinary special courses create a connection with other domains of knowledge.

Social Studies

It allows students to gain a deeper knowledge of history, sociology, political science, law, economics and geography.